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Brand: Softem Model: 15032014-60
Horse Chestnut Massage Cream is an improved formula used for massage without oily sensation. Unique formula because most massage products are oils, but this product is a water-based cream that fulfills the same purposes as massage oils. It gives a direct feeling of heat to the skin, gives a feel..
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Brand: Softem Model: 15032014-64
Natural coconut shampoo main function is to repair damaged hair, prevent hair loss, repair split ends. Free from parabens, silicone and colourants. Regular use of coconut shampoo leads to thickening and strengthening of hair in addition to other benefits...
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Natural Makeup Remover, Makeup Remover with Coconut Oil, Safe for Eyes, Dermatology Tested, Softem, 100ml
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Brand: Softem Model: 15032014-65
Coconut Oil Natural Makeup Remover is a safe makeup remover that easily removes the thickest layers of makeup. A makeup remover that also acts as a nourishing and moisturizing skin, giving it a wonderful, lively look. Skin conditioner suitable for all skin types. It can be used safely around t..
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Brand: Softem Model: 15032014-59
    Natural Snail Cream has the property of renewation of skin and deals all skin cases: Acne Treatment Renewal of skin cells  Fight skin aging Remove wrinkles Treatment of pimples caused by hair removal and heat Unification of skin color...
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Brand: Softem Model: 15032014-61
Turkish Extreme Hair Growth Mask, Softmask, is a super fomula to accelerate hair growth and increase its density. 94% of users stated that it is effective in increasing hair growth rates. 90% of users stated that it prevents hair loss, strengthens the hair and makes it look healthy. When Softm..
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Brand: Softem Model: 15032014-67
  Turkish Eyebrow and Eyelash Care Oil is a natural formula of botanical oils. Avoid direct touching with eyes...
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Turkish Skin Care Oil, Body Care Oil With Natural Olive Oil and Sesame Oil, Sun Protection, Anti-Aging, Paraben-Free, Silicon And Colorants Free, Softem, Intensive Moisturizing 24 Hours, 250 ml
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Brand: Softem Model: 15032014-66
With the miracle of Turkish Olive Oil, SOFTEM Turkish Skin Care Oil moisturizes and deeply nourishes the skin with an effect that lasts 24 hours. Significant results after the first use. Improved formula absorbed easily without greasy effect on the skin. Turkish Skin Care Oil can be used on dr..
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